Great effort is put into finding a lesson time-slot that coordinates with the rigors of school, professional and family life.  The perfect time-slot can be held for several years, creating a peaceful rhythm in daily activity.

Facility Requirements 

Lessons require ample power,  comfortable temperature conditions, music stand. adequate lighting,  and proper seating accommodations.

Pricelist for Lessons:

1/2 hour lesson rate $40 
hourly rate $75
Intensive workout 90 minute rate (1-4 x/month) $100 per class
surcharge for distances in excess of 25 miles from Frederick, MD) 

Payment is due on the first lesson of the month. 
Lessons are charged each month for a full month. 
No make-ups are offered for missed lessons. 
No exceptions, discounts or makeups for missed lessons or weeks off in the month.
See holidays below for Christmas and Summer Vacations. 
There will be a $5.00 charge/weekly  for late payments and amount corrections.
There will be a $30 charge for checks returned for insufficient funds.
Please allow a ten-minute grace period before and after the time slot to compensate for possible travel inconsistencies.

Group Classes:
Where my private lessons provide meaningful communication with one-on-one immediacy, some students thrive in a different environment.  Group classes for up to 4 students are available for $50/hour per student.  All policies apply.

A 2-week notice to terminate lessons is required. 

Holidays, Vacations and Days Off

Inclement Weather 

During snow or ice storms, on the day of the lesson I will contact my students if I must cancel due to travel difficulties, or for confirmation that the roads are clear in their neighborhood.  In these cases, there is no charge for the missed day.  The prepaid tuition is automatically applied to the following month.   If there is no call, expect the lesson to commence as planned.  I seldom miss a scheduled lesson.

The following holidays will be observed:
New Year's Day
Memorial Day (observed)
Independence Day (observed)
Labor Day (observed)
Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday)
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

I will honor each second consecutively missed lesson during the Christmas and Summer Vacation seasons.